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A major event to enhance the cultural heritage of our region

Come and discover another face of our group between Tradition and Modernity. Foto in the heart of the city of Dschang wearing its finest suits to seduce you from the 25th to 31 March 2018. In family, between colleagues or friends, come to share the cultural dynamics of the Peoples of the Savannah, around the Cultural Festival Foto. A unique opportunity to reconcile with one’s identity.Come rewrite this page of Foto history with us ...

FestiFoto Ndwet To'oh

Message from the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Cultural Festival Foto "NDWET TO'OH"

Last July 29th, The King of Foto named as President of the Organizing Committee of the Foto Cultural Festival; I accepted with honor and pleasure this high function.
Immediately I saw an acknowledgment from the King to my humble self; but next, I measured the immensity of the task that was going to be mine, and the immeasurable commitment I had just taken.
Then I thought of you, and I said to myself, TOGETHER, we will do it, we will succeed.
Dear Friends of Culture, Dear Patrons , Dear Sponsors, Dear Advertisers, the Foto Group lives on your unwavering support, which enables us to carry at a high level our cultural values and create a real synergy between the different communities.
We organize a great Mass of the Foto Culture from the 25th to the 31st of March 2018, at the Foto Chiefdom. We ask for your support to enable us to boost a real culture industry in Cameroon, a guarantee of rural employment creation, and socio-economic development.We bear in mind that the National Economic Context is currently gloomy.our support will be all the more beneficial as we will ensure optimal visibility of your company during this festive week.Hoping to count on your commitment as a partner of NDWET TO’OH, I thank you in advance for the welcoming and attention given to our team of the Sponsoring Commission, at a formal meeting at your convenience to discuss of the partnership, and enlighten you more about this major event.
Kindly accept Dear Partner, expression of my perfect consideration.

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Our museum which is full of a multitude of traditional works


Come discover all our dances, with great drummers


Debates and Conferences on the history of Dschang


Many traditional items available for you


Ambassador of the Foto Culture, pledge of the place of the woman in the socio-cultural development


An international visibility opportunity at the heart of the Foto Cultural Festival

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